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Notice of Budget Hearing for 2020 - 2021

This serves as notice that Tooley Water District will have a budget hearing on Thursday June 18th at 7:00pm.

Please see LB-1 notification here:

Additional details can be accessed here:

This will be a public meeting.
Public comments can be emailed to .
Any requests will be acknowledge with an emailed receipt response.
Additionally, time will be allocated for public comment at the virtual meeting.

Details for access are available here:

Virtual Meetings

Tooley Water District has moved to a completely virtual environment for meetings.

Please contact if you would like access information.

Board Member Richard Pontow passed away

Long time board member Richard Pontow passed away September 12th. Mr. Pontow has served on the water board for many decades (possibly since the 1960's). Mr. Pontow's dedication to his community through his contributions to Tooley Water District will be remembered and long appreciated.

System Issues

Tooley Water District experienced system issues today (5/14/19) as our radio system between our reservoir and the wells failed. This caused our reservoir to drain empty which in turn created a situation where many users lost water. Additionally many users experienced brown rust colored water. The radio system is now operational and all systems are back to normal.

We recommend running water through your faucet if you experience rust colored water to clear out your lines.

2019/2020 Budget Meeting

The 2019/2020 Budget meeting will take place Thursday 5/16/19 at NWCPUD board room at 5:00pm.
This is a public meeting. Tooley Water District Rate Payers will have the opportunity for comment.

More details are available here: