Tooley Water District now has a website

During the June 25th board meeting the Tooley Water District board authorized the development of a website.

While the hosting fees will be paid by Tooley Water District, all website development is being offered pro bono by local resident John Amery (me).

I am excited about the opportunity to bring visibility and transparency to the Tooley Water District. I hope the new website will be a useful tool for board members, community residents, volunteers, and others.

As new residents in the area my wife and I experienced difficulty locating contact information to hook up our water. A website would have been helpful. Hopefully the next new resident in the area will have an easier time now that we have a website.

I'm also hoping the website will be a useful tool aiding local community members who would like to become involved with our water district. We are a very small water district and volunteers are most welcome.