Good News - Upper well running again

The upper well is operational again.

Big thanks to Hiland Water, AA Pump Service, and Hire Electric. These contractors collectively kept Tooley Water from ever completely running out of water (we were close a few times).

The upper well has a new pump, motor and nearly 300' of new piping. As AA pump service started into this project they found issue after issue, but in the end they were able to resolve. Hiland Water oversaw the operations while Hire Electric responded very quickly to our desperate call as our lower well's pumps failed. Hire Electric was able to get that well back up and running just before the reservoir ran out of water.

There is still a chance we have Nitrates in our system. Also, Chlorine levels may be a bit high during this transitional time.

We are currently running both wells but plan to turn off the lower well tonight after we have let the new pump run for a bit. We plan to submit a new Nitrate sample Monday and hope to have a result around Wednesday. Until we have an official test back of low Nitrates we should operate under the expectation that Nitrates are still in the water.

We will update this website when we have firm test results of safe water again.