We are temporarily turning on the lower well

We are having difficulties filling the reservoir. People on the upper section currently have very little water pressure and the upper well can not seem to keep up.

We are turning on the lower well, the well that previously had bad tests for Nitrates. Our latest test taken 5/5/21 was only 5.4ppm which is well below the MCL of 10.

We feel that temporarily turning on this lower well is safe and are doing so now. We will update this page when we turn the lower well back off again.

Edit: 10:38am
I missed a previous test (which was still good). The following represents our recent tests of the lower well:

Tooley Lower Well
Nitrate Logs
Date Result MCL
01/13/21 3.99 10
01/29/21 8 10
02/10/21 8.9 10
02/24/21 5.06 10
03/22/21 7.84 10
04/07/21 5.85 10
04/20/21 9.6 10
05/05/21 5.4 10
05/20/20 4.6 10