Lower pump out - Please limit water usage

The lower pump just went out.

Tooley Water District WILL run out of water based upon our current water usage.

Please limit water usage until we can get this issue resolved.

If you run out of water you should shut off the circuit breaker to your hot water heater until you have water again.

We do not currently have a schedule for when we can get the lower pump repaired.

Please communicate this message to your neighbors.

Edit: 1:00pm
Looks like we will not be able to get a new motor until Monday.

Please conserve water all weekend.

Edit: 6:00pm
Everybody is doing a good job of conserving water.
The upper well has been able to keep up with demand.
Keep up the good work and keep conserving.
If you have to water plants or lawns, keep it to a minimum.

Edit: Saturday 6/19/21 10:20am
I am lowering the risk level (a bit).
The upper well has been keeping up with demand.
Let's still be mindful of conserving water, but keep your plants alive.